Welcome to my website, solely dedicated to exposing scammers and making them famous.  You will find some of the most notorious scammers named here, both Dutch and Turkish.  All of those mentioned are walking the streets in their respective countries and have never faced any form of justice, leaving the most terrible destruction in their wake.  Meet the Van Lieshouts, just above, no doubt grinning because they are eating out on money scammed from an unfortunate victim.  One professional scammer in particular has been getting away with his scams for years, both in The Netherlands and Turkey and he has even been the subject of a TV programme about his scams and victims.  His name is Rens Smulders and has even managed to get back into Turkey while Turkey and The Netherlands were in lockdown.  Apparently, somebody in the Turkish Immigration Dept helped him out. More on this scumbag later!  Roy Van LIeshout is now also the subject of a TV programme in the Netherlands, called Oplichters (scammers). 
Browse the site, commit the names and faces to your memory and make sure you avoid them like the plague.  It would also be helpful to myself and the wider world if you share this website URL with all your friends and relatives.


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