Be on the lookout for this crooks car.  If you see it pull up, run a mile, he'll probably ask you to loan him some money.  Pparently, he has found a way to sell this car in Turkey and claims to have sold the previous one.
One of his many failed business ventures.  He goes into a Turkish Bar/Restaurant and claims he will get all the European punters in, arranges an open night and of course, the punters pour in.  Meanwhile, he and his drunkard wife get all the food and drink free until the poor proprietor realises that he is well out of pocket.
The police in Netherlands actually got the crook at last but stupidly let him go.  His days in Turkey are numbered and no doubt when he lands in Holland, they'll nab him again.  The poor excuse of a man is a serial fraudster and should be languising in prison for all the misery he has caused.
This is a car he borrowed from a poor guy in Side, to drive to Ankara top sort out his passport.  It broke down on the way and he just abandoned it in the middle of nowhere.  It cost the owner hundreds of lira to get the car brought back to Side.
Smulders air ticket to Duesseldorf, supposedly to attend an appointment with Deutsche Bank to secure an unsecured loan for 20,000 Euros for him and Roy to pay everybody back.
More money I transferred to him to help him get his passport.  I figured I had to if I was to stand any chance of getting my 10,000 euro from him and RVL, even though I was aware he was going to scam a German bank.

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