The Van Lieshouts

This is the Van Lieshout family, a family of scammers and thieves from Holland.  It consists of Nico and Dianne Van Lieshout, who reside at a holiday park in Lommel Vakantiepark Blauwe Meer.  The other two creatures are Roy Van Lieshout (the son) and his girlfriend Fiona Meuwissen, who live in Maarheeze, The Netherlands.  His previous address was Leliestraat 5 but I have since been in contact with a guy in the Netherlands who has informed me that Roy moved from there two years ago, so please don't hassle the new owner of the property.  As soon as we have the slags latest address, we will post it here.  The picture at the top of the page is of the whole family and the picture just above is Dianne and her son Roy, like Mother, like son.  They are probably discussing their latest scam.  
Prior to 2019, they resided in Side, Turkey, the same town as myself and that is where they perpetrated their dirty scams.  Roy Van Lieshout was always throwing his money around in bars etc and always drove a nice hire car, supposedly because he had a good job in customer relations at the Hemerra Hotel in Side.
His parents, Nico and Dianne had become good friends and I had even been on holiday with them to Kenya.  We socialised within the local bars and visited each other regularly for dinner.
In February 2005, Dianne approached me in tears, begging me for help.  Apparently, their bank accounts in Turkey had been frozen, as they were subject to an investigation of money laundering and a holiday scam that their son had started.
Roy was taking money from Dutch and Belgian people for cut-price holidays in his hotel, including the flights.  It was all part of the long game, provide a few cheap holidays and rack up the money.  His parents and two other Dutch scammers by the name of Antonius (Rens) Smulders and Tija Stoppelenburg went around promoting the holidays in bars and restaurants.  (More on Smulders later, on another page).
I regard myself as being quite smart but my brain seemed to switch off and I was taken in by the sob story they gave me.  They had no money to buy food and could not even afford to pay the rent.  The first time they rang me, I resisted the temptation to help them but they rang me again a week later.  That was when they got me.  I duly went with them to my bank, HSBC, drew out the money and handed it over after all three of them signed a paper acknowledging the debt.  Two weeks later, I had another call saying that matters had deteriorated and the authorities hadn’t released their money and could I help them again.  This is when my brain shut down completely and I loaned them another tranche.
After this, all I kept getting from them were lies and excuses as to why I was not getting my money back.  It was all very elaborate and because Roy was computer savvy and spoke fluent Turkish, he was able to spin this incredible story, backed up with emails, texts and forged documents.  You can see all the fake documents on another page here along with the entire conversation over the eight months, until I had to return to the UK with cancer in November.

There will be a substantial reward for anybody who can get me reliable info as to their whereabouts and who can assist me in getting my 10,000 euros back.

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