This is a copy of the first loan I made to them in the HSBC Bank in Manavgat.  Fatma, my account manager was present when the document was signed and the cash was handed over.
This is a copy of the second loan I stupidly made to them after Dianne phoned me in floods of tears, pleading, "Please Grant, will you help us one more time, we are desperate?".  Also all done in HSBC.
This is the paper that Roy and Rens Smulders signed to bring my money out to Turkey.  Needless to say, they never turned up.  More about Laurentius Johannes Antonius Smulders and his partner in crime, Theadora Hendrika Stoppelenburg on another page.
The ticket details that Roy sent me.  Naturally, he booked it, took a photo, sent me the photo then cancelled the flight.  I sat there like an idiot, waiting for him.
One of the mocked up images Dianne Van Lieshout sent me to try and bolster tha claim of 'frozen bank accounts'.
The hotel that Roy booked in London to convince me he was coming on a short trip with his partner.  He cancelled the hotel within 30 minutes of booking it.  I rang them to check!
This is just one of the many forged ING statements, showing that RVL 'had my money in the bank' ready to send me.  I don't think ING would be too impressed.
A particularly amusing image.  An email RVL sent to Rens Smulders, pretending to be angry and threatening.  Bear in mind, they were all in this scam together.
Another amusing one.  This is the room where the Dutch police allegedly detained RVL at the airport in Holland, after they prevented him boarding his flight to Stansted with my money.
Lieshout and Smulders were at it long before they came to Turkey.  They were both listed at this address for quite some time.
These next few emails are classic.  It shows that the word is spreading and as soon as I find out where any of them are working, I'll get in touch with their employers.
Part two of the email I received, totally unsolicited.  It proves that the internet works and asking people to share the site details about this disgusting family.  I hear the matriarch, Dianne now has skin cancer....karma!
The third and final part of the unsolicited email I received from Germany.  I am so happy I was able to help somebody and prevent these scum from striking again.  PLEASE, please contact me if you want to share your story too.
Another brilliant email from a victim of the Van Lieshout scum.  Unfortunately, it is in four parts with a few redactions regarding names etc.
The second part of the damning email.  I have pages of Whatsapp transcripts and Facebook Messenger transcripts that are too big to upload but they will be quite damning if I ever get to court.
The third part of the email.  Please don't forget to send me any info on this family, ie, where they live or work, etc.  All your details will be withheld if you wish.
The fourth and final part of the email.  It contained some useful info for me, ie, reporters in the Netherlands whom I can contact.  Sadly, I have found the police and authorities in Netherlands to be totally pathetic and that is why scum like the Van Lieshouts and Smulders get away with leaving their trail of destruction and misery.
The previous email in English.  
Hi Marjolein,
Let me introduce ourselves we are Achiniotis Tassos and Aelterman Chantal from Belgium, I received a link from Grant Armstrong from a friend in Side, in which I came across your name and that of Watson Marian. I have already contacted Marian, she gave me your email address. Grant who, like us and many others, has been scammed by those scammers, I have not yet been able to reach, the link in which he asks to forward information is still blocked by Facebook.
Why am I contacting you, you visited Rens Smulders at the time, now Rens is very good friends and business partners (scam all people) with Roy, and Fiona. They now live in Leliestraat 5 in Maarheeze, if you look this up you will see that there are 2 companies at this address: De Flying Dutchman which is van Rens and Rofio (Roy and Fiona) retail trade via mail order and internet. They have been living there since December I think, they first went into hiding with Roy's brother when they fled Turkey, this is because of us and others who have lodged a complaint in Side with the gendarma, and Roy has been in custody for a while.
Nico, Roy's father, is staying in the Blauwe Meer holiday park in Lommel. We have deposited our money into his account from the booking we made through Roy's site, so just as complicit as the rest.
We and 3 other Belgians have filed a complaint in Belgium, the public prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor of Belgium has transferred the file to LIRC Driebergen (Netherlands attn OM/ZEM)
of all the Belgians and Dutch that we already know there is a scam of a 54000 euros, unfortunately not everyone has filed a complaint.
 Below is a short story that we have submitted to the police,
As agreed, our complaint against Roy Van Lieshout, who defrauded us for the sum of 3471 euros, 2 trips to Turkey, see messenger
Information Roy Van Lieshout :
from Maarheeze Netherlands, fled to Turkey – Gran Mediterra Sitesi, 508 Sokak-Side Mah Antalya Turkey – residence permit number 99130024772
Our story :
Via our colleague at work, Didier Vincent – ​​Moreels Christine – Karel Van De Woestijnelaan 14 – 9830 Sint – Martens –Latem, also scammed for the sum of 4500 euros.
Didier told us that through his wife Christine, her cousin Steven Moreels living in Side , he had booked a trip to Dubai at a competitive price, through a good friend of Steven , Roy, who has (had) a company
Didier assured us that all documents were in order, so we believed this and contacted Roy via messenger, see attachment.
 We have booked 2 trips with him for the total sum of 3471 euros, we quickly noticed that something was not right, we had to keep asking for proof of the bookings.
The first thing we received was an online confirmation by e-mail via, the vouchers were to follow this year.
Then we asked about the plane tickets on 12/11/18 , we wanted to receive them by post and mail , then it started , they were sent , we were kept informed that we did not have them , we received all kinds of excuses and excuses ....
Then days started when something was wrong with us, we called Sentido Zeynep where we had booked through Roy, and where we have been traveling for years, and they confirmed that nothing had been booked in our name.
Informed our colleague who assured us that everything was in order with him, meanwhile called Roy and contacted via messenger where the tickets are.
Our colleague wanted to book his seats through the airline, and thus discovered that there was no booking to Dubai in their name, so on December 11 we asked for our money again via messenger.
Roy has kept us on the line until today that the money has been deposited, but is delayed due to the holidays, then with the excuse that something had done wrong with the transfer, the deposit proof is also false, see messenger.
 We did our own research, called the hotel Perissia in Side where he works, contacted a person who lives in Side, and who has also worked in the Perissia via facebook.
We have learned the following:
Roy is known in Side for scams and fraud, was kicked out of a hotel when he was fired, because he also defrauded people there.
He and his father Nico Van Lieshout fled from the Netherlands to Turkey, as they are currently also charged with fraud and tax fraud in the Netherlands.
Why am I contacting you now , we want that gang of crooks behind bars , we can wait a long time for the court and the police , and in the meantime they just keep going . Can you help us make a television program public? We will not see our money again , you can not pluck a bald chicken , but we can make sure that it stops .
We still have all our evidence from the bank and the emails and messenger traffic, and we have another person who wants to cooperate.
We hope to hear from you
Tassos and Chantal

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