This is Laurentius Johannes Antonius Smulders, more commonly known as Rens, and his partner in crime, Theadora Hendrika Stoppelenburg.  They are well known associates of the Van Lieshout family and were in business together in Marheeze, before all moving to Turkey.

All of them were perpetrating frauds in Holland and one TV company actually made a programme about Smulders and his scams that cost many people thousands of Euros.  They are well known to the police and I have actually received info from the police in Netherlands.

They actually managed to get back into Turkey during Covid lockdown in 2020 and even brought a car with them.  It was the second time he brought a car into Turkey and he successfully managed to fraudulently sell the first one.  I have heard he intends to do the same with his current car.  He manages to evade any legal action, even thought he has broken many laws in Turkey.  He does not live at the address he has given to the authorities and always manages to stay under the radar.  Like the Van Lieshouts, he also owes me money and perpetrated a web of lies and deceit to avoid paying me back.  He scammed dozens of Turks and Europeans in Turkey because he had virtually no income and regularly worked illegally.  He even tried to get tourists to loan him money at the Surf Bar in Side.

He claimed that he managed to scam a bank in Germany into giving him a huge loan to clear all of his debts and that of RVL.  Whether or not this is true, I don't know but I did email Deutsche Bank in Dusseldorf to inform them, just in case.

There is another page with more details and docs about his fraudulent lifestyle.


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