Apparently, Fiona has left the little creep, RVL because she was sick of the crap it brought into her life.  It took her long enough to realise!
Dianne Van Lieshout has apparently contracted skin cancer.  Oh, what a shame!  That might sound cruel but doesn't anywhere near compensate for the misery and suffering she and her vile family have inflicted.  One word....Karma!
The creep, Rens Smulders is now in Alanya, working illegally.  He and his partner are running a cleaning service at a complex in Oba, near Alanya and are living there free.  As soon as I find out the name of the complex, I'll post it here and inform the Alanya police.  He is also still running karaoke for payment and still trying to sell his Mercedes.  My thanks to Steve Moreels and Bill Cornell for the info.   Click on the link below for a great read, sorry it's in Dutch.

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