As many of you will know, I decide to run for public office back in 2023 by standing in my Northwest Essex Constituency as a Parliamentary Candidate.  Things were going really well until the 16th June, when I received a text message from a Max Kendix of The Times, who informed me he had sent me an email and needed an urgent response.  When I got home, I found out that Kendix had trawled through the internet and downloaded an archived copy of an old website of mine.  I say old because I had wiped it many years ago and now use it to sell my artwork and collectibles.  

It didn't make nice reading but it was a website I gave up on and had virtually forgotten about until I edited it for the above purpose.  That was not good enough for Kendix, the knives were out and many, many people have contacted me with their thoughts on who put them up to it.  They got to work and shared it with the wider media, including the Mail, Express, LBC, BBC and the like.  It was clear the left and right were out to get Reform and had no truck with changing the corrupt and broken binary system of politics in the UK.  As you can imagine, the fallout was pretty severe for stupid comments made on a website many years ago and cleaned up.  Even the non-PC jokes page was made to look like racist and mysogynistic comments, rather than the sort of jokes being told at the time but not acceptable today.  It's OK to make jokes about men, beer, cars and football etc!

Reform UK threw me under a bus for those ancient comments but Kemi Badenoch, the sitting MP made computer hacking a hobby in 2008 and escaped prosecution, even though it was reported to the Cyber Crime Unit and carried a potential prison sentence of five years.  I have since found out that plans to 'get rid' of the Reform candidate were put in place more than a year ago.  This was a stitch up job by the Times and the Tory loving Press and is Gutter Politics at its absolute finest and the smirking Kendix must be so proud of himself.
Statements were taken out of context, like being a supporter of the BNP.  NO!!  I was never a supporter of the BNP or the bumbling and odious Griffin.  I said it because neither the Labour party under BLiar (responsible for thousands of innocent Iraqi and British deaths or the broken and useless Liberal Conservative party were worth voting for.  There was no credible right wing party.  The Times cleverly omitted that the 'racist' and 'mysogynistic' slurs were on a jokes page, jokes that people had sent in on request.

I cannot get my head around all of this.  I went through hell between 2005 and 2009 and wrecked my marriage as a result.  My life until 2005 had been great, nice house, cars, good money etc.  Unfortunately, the gutter press like The Times and Mail and the BBC are not interested in the human element, they are only interested in destroying lives by only telling half a story.  I believe in Karma and these sort of people almost always have a mighty fall and in Kendix' place, I hope it is sudden and painful (not in the physical sense, for fear of now being labelled violent and mentally unbalanced).  That might just make him learn how to be a kinder and more respectble human being.  BUT, don't hold your breath!

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